The News v2.0

Automated & De-Sensationalized News

The News v2.0 is a semi-functioning prototype news website I developed for a major quarter-long INFO 360 (Design Thinking) group project.

In concept, The News v2.0 is a news outlet with de-sensationalized and uninflammatory articles algorithmically written by a contingent of bots and web-crawlers. These bots and crawlers aggregate content across the web's numerous news sites and blogs, and use the collected data to compose concise news articles with indisputible facts, free of adjectives and appeals to emotion of any sort, allowing the audience to formulate their own reactions, interpretations and opinions without the visceral, click-bait and profit-driven headlines and content commonly seen in contemporary yellow journalism. This concept, in theory, is meant to minimize the proliferation of disinformation and stress caused by everyday exposure to newsworthy events, both of which have an adverse impact on one's physical well-being, as determined by the research we performed over the duration of this project. The news-by-automation concept was inspired by the use of bots by the Los Angeles Times, Associated Press, and Forbes write news articles.

The sample articles of The News v2.0 were written by my group members, Tyler Bauer and Christopher Maglio, while I built the website itself. Following the themes of approachability and simplicity in news content, I gave the site an easily navigatable minimalist aesthetic with the intention of enhancing the timely and stress-free consumption of news. I'm proud of how it turned out and I'm looking forward to improving my web development and design skills.

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Designers Tyler Bauer
Joel Elizaga
Christopher Maglio