Black Jack

Black Jack.

Black Jack is the protagonist of a childrens' manga series from the 1970's by Osamu Tezuka. He's a notorious unlicensed surgeon who charges exorbitant prices for procedures and lives in a tiny cabin atop a remote cliff with a walking, talking tumor named Pinoko. Typically he ends up saving lives from bizarre diseases based on actual medical cases or steps into depressing moral quandaries that aren't always resolved by the end of the chapter. Osamu Tezuka's art is usually very simple until the surgeries are performed; the artist's background in medicine shines through with the meticulous medical procedures and anatomy.

Black Jack's a decent fictional hero. Like Bat Man, he doesn't have any unobtainable super powers, and he does have some dead parents. Unlike Bat Man, he drives an old, crappy black car, has a skin-graft on his face and his power is more of a matter of skill, rather than wealth. It's the kind of heroism and capability that a normal person can aspire to. I think he's pretty overlooked in comparison to Tezuka's more popular Astro Boy.

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