Third Parent

Director, interviewer, animator, editor, videography, sound.

A Technological Ethnography

I created Third Parent for a "self representation" project assigned by an experimental media class I took at Evergreen. Thus far, I've finished half of the film. The completed half is a survey of the role information technology and video games played in my childhood, and how my parents' exposure to technology and their parent's exposure to technology had an impact on my own relationship to technology. What I've embedded is the complete first half; the second half is currently unfinished.

The second half is to act as an antithesis to the first half. Throughout the first half (what I've embedded above) there's whimsical music, colorful visuals, and smiles all around as my parents reflect on their formative years with 1980's information technology and Space Invaders. Despite the cheery tone, there are ominous hints of insidiousness that are casually waved away with jubilant editing. The second half is intended to make due on these hints, the thesis being that with the endless convenience and entertainment yielded by technological evolution, there are tradeoffs. In essence, a significant portion of my generation was raised with a "third parent" (digital technology) and that it's up to us to use this experience to determine how the ubiquity of information technology will affect our children, and so on.

Behind the Scenes

As far as technical acumen goes, I think Third Parent is my best demonstration of post-production skill yet. The A-roll of interviews is deliberately sparse; the B-roll is a mix of pixel art I've drawn frame-by-frame and animated in Motion, old photographs, public domain historical footage from, rotoscoping, and captured video game footage, all blended together for the duration of the 16-minute movie. Third Parent relies heavily on drawing narrative from pure post-production, conveniently fitting the theme of the growing ubiquity of digitization.

Director Joel Elizaga
Animator Joel Elizaga
Post-Production Joel Elizaga
Videography Joel Elizaga
Sound Joel Elizaga
Interviewer Joel Elizaga
Starring Andrew Elizaga & Kathleen Jordan