Theo Punga's Video Resume

Director, editor, videography, sound.

The Resume of the Future

My friend Theo, co-director during The Battle of Marathon, was on the job hunt and three quarters from graduation, but he had a distinct disadvantage compared to his peers due to a wide gap in employment history, as he had spent years training as an Olympic Taekwondo athlete in South Korea. He formulated a strategy; he would distinguish himself with a video resume. He approached me to produce the video. I performed my research, analyzing sample video resumes he sourced for me, and I determined the optimal approach; we would have him constantly in motion throughout the video in order to highlight the momentum of his energy with a soundtrack to match, and go the University of Washington's IMA gym to showcase his Taekwondo ability, which, consequently, is a display of his dedication to work—an asset at any company. Theo wrote the script; I shot the video.

I think that this was a genius plan, because what makes Theo a marketable worker is a kind of innate enthusiasm and self-discipline that doesn't translate via the text of a 90g single-sheet resume. I've observed that video resumes are especially appropriate in cases such as this—for example, if you're an artist any kind, or even a programmer or craftsman or the producer of any kind of tangible work, your labors cannot be demonstrated in a way that does them justice via static pictures and text. A salesperson can display their ability to persuade during an interview, but waiting for an interview puts you at the disadvantage of the person whose ability was already shown via video resume. During an interview you may make mistakes; with a video resume, you get as many takes to perfect your image as your SD cards allow.

I'm proud to say that Theo used this video to get an internship at KOMO News the very same quarter!

Also, hit your boy Joel up if you'd like help with a video resume. I need to grow my portfolio.

Behind the Scenes

See the chromed bar on Theo's tie? That's not a tie clip. That's a clip to a lavalier microphone disguised as a tie clip. This was shot when my audio arsenal consisted of a lone lavalier with an obnoxiously mirrored clip instead of a more covert matte black.

Director Joel Elizaga
Screenplay Theodore Punga
Post-Production Joel Elizaga
Videography Joel Elizaga
Sound Joel Elizaga, Theodore Punga
Starring Theodore Punga
"New Dawn"
"Last Donut of the Night" J Dilla