Meet the AnswerDash Team

Director, interviewer, editor, videography, sound.

Meet the AnswerDash Team

This was my first assignment at AnswerDash; to create a promotional video about the workplace culture. I was given a list of employees deemed fitting to interview for such a video and I arranged interviews with each. Beyond that, the parameters and instructions I was given were open-ended.

I think this was an especially fitting first-project, as it doubly functioned as an introduction to the company. By the time I had finished, I had interviewed the majority of the team, and I had a well-sourced insight as to what employees enjoyed about their work and why, their operations, the reasons why they chose their careers, the tradeoffs of working in a small SaaS company, the history of AnswerDash and its culture—I had performed a sort of unofficial ethnography and thoroughly familiarized myself with AnswerDash.

Behind the Scenes

I performed every interview, writing different questions per employee based on their jobs, dynamically adjusted with suggestions sourced from previous interviewees. For example, "Hey, I'm interviewing so-and-so next; what do you think I should ask them?" and, "Are there any questions you would like answered, if you were a prospective employee watching a video about a company's culture?" I estimate that the average interview was about twenty minutes or so.

The post-production stage of my work at AnswerDash was a kind of hybrid of Agile software development—an approach suggested by the VP of Sales & Marketing, Don Davidge. That is to say, I quickly cycled through multitudes of drafts, iterating on the product as per the input of various members of the Sales & Marketing department before the final product was shipped and uploaded to the company site. In order to accomodate this strategy I improvised a primitive version control system (I imagine modern NLEs like Avid Media Composer and professional production houses have more formal, industry-standard systems) of directories accessible to AnswerDash with various drafts, assets, and instructions for acquiring royalty-free music licensing.

You may have noticed that I use the same music in Meet the AnswerDash Team as in Theo's Video Resume.

I had an alternative royalty-free track, but it turned out to be too mellow to fit the energetic image we were aiming for, and admittedly, at the time I couldn't afford to purchase a third track. AnswerDash always re-couped my production costs, but uh... the budgetary floor necessary between that moment and post-production just wasn't there.

Royalty-free music is expensive, especially if you're avoiding synthesized instruments. Have you noticed that most videos on the web nowadays have the soundtracks of airplane safety videos? Thanks, RIAA!

Director Joel Elizaga
Post-Production Joel Elizaga
Videography Joel Elizaga
Sound Joel Elizaga
Interviewer Joel Elizaga
Featuring Tyson Bundy
Daniel Fritz
Jessica Wicksnin
Jodi Mack
Jon Skiffington
Bill Colleran
Carolyn Paola
"New Dawn"