INFO 470 - Research Project

Director, editor, videography, sound.


For our INFO 470 - Research Methods class, my group (self-dubbed "THALK," an acronym for our first names—so long as you flip 'Joel Elizaga' to the more acronymically convenient 'Leo J Agazile') spent a quarter conducting a research project and producing the obligatory research paper. At the very end of the class, we were to create a 5-minute maximum video overview of our research and how it was conducted.

Our group didn't want to create something sanitized; Adam Sebetich stitched together a narrative, I brought my gear to campus and THALK improvised on the spot over two days. We included deliberate continuity errors and nonsensical, self-deprecating jabs.

I never appear on camera, but I have a two-second cameo as a voiceover at the very end. It's my personal policy to avoid the other end of a lens.

The Trackball Mouse Experiment

Our research project was to take a device unfamiliar to many iSchool students (a trackball mouse courtesy of group member Kevin Ke), and see if psychologically conditioning them to perceive the device as either very difficult or incredibly easy to use would impact their performance on a simple point-and-click test we designed. You can read our study here. Our results were insignificant. I suspect that we could have better concealed the purposes of our study to the participants and come up with a more psychologically impactful and realistic script for the experiment.

Director Joel Elizaga, Adam Sebetich
Screenplay Adam Sebetich
Post-Production Joel Elizaga
Videography Joel Elizaga
Sound Joel Elizaga
Click Accuracy Test Tyler Bauer
Skeptical Sponsor Tyler Bauer
Dr. Sebetich Adam Sebetich
Heng Yon Himself
Research Assistant Kevin Ke
"The Scenery From On High" Masamichi Amano
"Running in the 90's" Max Coveri
"Gettin' It" Too $hort
"Princess Mononoke Theme Song" Joe Hisaishi, Yoshikazu Mera