AnswerDash: For the Users

Screenwriter, director, editor, videography, sound.

Fictional Airlines Adopts Self-Service Support

The Sales & Marketing team at AnswerDash positioned this video to be a campy, light-hearted user persona-targetted video that aims to extoll the benefits of AnswerDash from the user's perspective. In this case, our protagonist, Sam, is struggling to find his airline's charges for oversized bags; without the AnswerDash solution installed, Sam abandons his prospective vacation to the Hawaiian Islands altogether.

However, if Fictional Airlines had implemented the AnswerDash Q&A tab, Sam would have been able to immediately find the answer to his question in the context of the pages he was browsing, without having to hunt down a FAQ or pull up a live chat with the airline's support channels.

Behind the Scenes

Here's some trivia:

The lighting is as-studio-as-possible, given my resources at the time and the confines of the conference room we chose to film in; I arranged several LED panels around Tyson in an attempt to obliterate all shadows and depth cues, as is typical in the Kickstarter'y-IKEAesque-ukelele-clapping-whistling short videos of contemporary trendiness. There's a practical reason for this beyond trendiness, though; without such an arrangement, my earlier recordings appeared moody and noir-esque:

Incorrect Lighting Incorrect Lighting
Directors Joel Elizaga, Shveta Ahuja
Post-Production Joel Elizaga
Videography Joel Elizaga
Sound Joel Elizaga
Sam Tyson Bundy
Narrator Tara
"No More Rainy Days" Gentle Fire Studio