AnswerDash: AnswerBot Explainer

Screenwriter, director, editor, sound.

Introducing AnswerBot!

AnswerBot is AnswerDash's Facebook Messenger chatbot, powered by AnswerDash's predictive Q&A engine to provide companies with a link between their knowledge base and customers, and reduce support tickets (and the need for support agents to attend to these reduced tickets) by automating self-service support via the nearly ubiquitous messaging platform. AnswerBot is especially innovative in that, despite being a chatbot, its interface is entirely point-and-click, though users have the option to type to the bot as well, and receive precise Q&A in return. Click here for more information about AnswerBot.

This video was timed to accompany the release of AnswerBot sometime in September 2016, and I was thrilled to see it posted at the very top of AnswerDash's front page, and featured in a Huffington Post article about one of AnswerDash's co-founders, Jake Wobbrock!

As in the case of For the Users, I performed the voiceover during earlier iterations, before the team hired professional vocal talent.

Director Joel Elizaga
Post-Production Joel Elizaga
Screenplay Joel Elizaga
Sound Joel Elizaga
Narrator Tara
"New Achievements" Crescent Music