AmeriCorps NCCC: Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists

Director, editor, videography, sound.

The McKenzie Trail System

For our first round of AmeriCorps NCCC, my team built miles of trail system in Pima County, Arizona, in collaboration with the Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists. While a significant amount of Tucson's economy relies on ecotourism and the city is an important hotbed of the mountain bicycling community, there are currently zero trailbuilders on the county's payroll. Essentially, the network of trails around Pima County are entirely maintained and built by volunteer crews, including the massive National Arizona Scenic Trail route, which is a connector trail into Utah.

The trail my team predominately worked on, the Hohokam Trail, is one of several in the McKenzie Trail System designed by the Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists (SDMB). While most trails on the system are mountain bicycle racetracks, the Hohokam is a multi-use trail that would conceivably link two trails, forming an unbroken route from Mexico to Utah by way of the National Arizona Scenic Trail.

Director Joel Elizaga
Post-Production Joel Elizaga
Videography Joel Elizaga, Gideon Mulugeta
Sound Joel Elizaga, Sarah Mills
Pedro Almeida
Shane (Frost) Gist
Tiara James
Sarah Mills
Grace Morse
Gideon Mulugeta
Bob Nicholson
Evan Pilling
Jacy Yang