Bumbertooth - A Crest Vanilla Mint Promotional Campaign


For an INFO 386 - Professionalism In Informatics assignment, my team was to devise a promotional campaign for the late Crest Vanilla Mint given a budget of $500,000. The assignment was inspired by an episode of The Apprentice. This was less of an exercise of budgeting, research, or any such sober details, but rather a challenge to create, and most importantly, pitch an idea. It was a exhibition of our presentation skills, essentially.

Our plan was to rent a venue in Central Park to throw a wild festival headlined by affordable local comedians and musicians. We'd have the headliners chuck cartons of Vanilla Mint to the masses. Festival goers could post images of themselves posing with some Vanilla Mint to social media in order to enter a raffle to meet Felicity Jones (I forgot how we settled on Felicity Jones), and we would project these Vanilla Mint selfies to the Times Square billboard.

I had a lot of fun making those slides. This project marked my return to using Adobe Photoshop over GIMP, so the fidelity is a little more creative, as I was less burdened by GIMP's learning curve and the relatively greater amount of hotkeys and clicks I needed to run through to produce the results I'd like in GIMP.


It's a play on Bumbershoot, a popular Seattle music festival.

Visionaries Joel Elizaga
Travis Hanes
Kenneth Neaville
Tristan Linna
Aayush Saksena